Author Sai Yoganathan’s new cookbook A Kitchen Well-Travelled is dedicated to her father who died of a brain tumour. 100% of the author’s royalties from the sales of the
cookbook will go to the New Zealand Brain Tumour Trust.

Sai describes this book as her “ultimate recipe collection”, showcasing her family traditions,childhood memories, culinary adventures and travel experiences from around the world. Her style embraces traditional techniques and exotic spices from her motherland, whilst combining modern elements inspired by different cuisines from around the world.


A Kitchen Well-Travelled is divided into twelve chapters:
- Shopping and ingredients
- Spice Blends
- Staples/Basics
- Short eats/savoury bites
- Meat
- Fish and seafood
- Salads and veges
- Curry
- Meat-free curry
- Sambals, pickles and chutneys
- Sweet treats
- Dinner party menus


A Kitchen Well Travelled by Sai Yoganathan